Illuminate the fun

Our installations set the vibe effectively, creatively and safely.

Custom Made

One of a kind lighting fixtures and art installation.

Ground Lighting

Let us light up your next festival.


Pros doing what they do, and loving it!


We make beginner, intermediate, and advanced LED hoops. What sets us apart from other LED hoop companies are our lightweight, thin, affordable, polypro hoops.


Have worked with: Summer Camp, Sonic Bloom, Hulaween, Rootwire and Papadosio, Hyperion, and Skyy's Burning.

You may have seen us at: SummerCamp, Wuhnurth, SuperBall, and many other shows and festivals.

We would love to hear from you..

If you are interested in having our merry crew come out to 'set the scene' and light up your event this year please contact us at to discuss various package options available.